Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Last Saturday, we visited the P2BK village and exhibition in Mishrif. P2BK which stands for "Proud to be Kuwaiti" is the first largest non-profit organization that encourages young  Kuwaiti entrepreneurs, establish and showcase their talents, and achievements in various fields and levels by organizing activities, events, exhibitions and promote national contributions. 

The ongoing exhibition at the  P2BK village comprises of various Kuwaiti businesses, big and small showcasing a variety of items, clothing and food. The newly constructed P2BK village  has been painstakingly and artistically created to look like an old Kuwaiti village of the pre 60's. The outside of the village resembles an old  fort.  The old and new generation will get to enjoy how Kuwait looked like before the oil boom. Mud houses of the past and it's interiors, with wooden doors and windows are recreated along with daily objects used in the olden times, that  take you on an informative and interesting journey to the pre 60's. You  feel as if you are on a time travel into the past - entering a different world or era altogether. They also have an amazing variety of intricate sand sculpture depicting the homes, heritage and culture of old Kuwait and the landmarks of new Kuwait. A large dhow stands in artificial pool of water near the Starbucks outlet. In another corner, there are camels and horses. There are a lot interesting shops within the village, selling all kinds of stuff and plenty of eateries to satisfy your palate

I still remember the mud houses of Kuwait of the late sixties during my childhood days. By seventies, slowly the mud houses were replaced by three storied apartments, villas and high rise buildings. The progress after oil boom was so fast, that the memories of old Kuwait of the 40's, 50's and 60's began to exist only in the form of old photographs and artifacts and in the hands of private collectors and  at the Kuwait museum. Some of the forts and old houses are still maintained as touristic spots and art galleries. 

The concept and creation of an old Kuwaiti village by P2BK is an important reminder of the country's past, heritage, culture and tradition.  The exhibition started on 6th March and will continue for 2 weeks thereof.  Try to visit P2BK during the week days or on a Saturday morning/afternoon.  Avoid Thursdays and Fridays, the traffic and parking might be an ordeal.  You are sure to have a good time and take back some wonderful photos and  nice memories with you. Once you enter the P2BK village, pick up a free map that guides you to all the shops, sights, culture and heritage exhibits, sand sculpture, food and entertainment.

Exhibition dates : 6th March onwards, covering over a period of 2 weeks thereof. 
TimingP2BK is open from 10am to 10pm daily. 
Location : Near Mishrif International Fairgrounds
(If you are in the outer car park, outside the exit from hall no. 8 of Mishrif Int. Fairgrounds, and look towards the front left side, you cannot miss the pale orangish-brown fort like building constructed which is the P2BK village and a number of people walking or moving in that direction.  There is parking available in front of the P2BK village. Alternately, you can also park in the inner or outer car park opposite hall no. 8 of Mishrif Int. Fairgrouds and walk your way to the P2BK village, it's very close by. 



NewQ8 Bride said...

Loved the post :) it is a great place to visit I am so proud

KUWEIGHT64 said...

Thank you! Yes it's a wonderful place to visit.

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