Saturday, 22 June 2013


We visited the Fountain Square while at downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The Fountain Square was founded in 1871 and was renovated in 1971 and 2005.  Surrounding this beautiful place,  are eateries, shops and offices. The Fountain Square has over 200 events that take place each year that ranges from a variety of music concerts and shows, farmer's market, salsa dancing, art shows and ice skating.  It is an important public gathering place for rappers, poets, writers, dancers and people who enjoy  live entertainment. The best part is, all the shows are for free. The centerpiece of the Square is the Tyler Davidson Fountain. Being on a long road trip, we were tired and hungry and it felt really nice to just sit and relax at the Fountain Square, enjoy the beautiful weather,  while having sandwiches we picked up from Pot Belly. 

If you happen to visit downtown Cincinnati, the Fountain Square is a must visit! Here are some photos of the Fountain Square and it's surrounding areas.

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