Sunday, 16 June 2013


I had the most wonderful time of my life on a 14 day road trip to the east coast in the U.S., with my husband and children. My daughter flew down to U.S. few days after we arrived in Michigan to visit our son. My husband and son took turns driving - thanks to both of them and their tireless efforts, patience, long hours of driving and their GPS. We visited Cincinnati (Ohio), Atlanta (Georgia) Orlando and Miami (Florida), Charleston (South Carolina), Virginia, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Broadway, Fifth Avenue, Times Square (New York City), Niagara (Buffalo, New York) and Chicago (Illinois). All these places had their own charm and was amazing. So much to do and see. At every city we stopped to tour, we wished we had more time there, to see and do more. Every Sunday night at Niagara waterfalls, they hold beautiful fireworks at 10 pm for 5 minutes,  above the gushing waterfalls that are lit up with colorful lights. We were lucky we were able to see that. Our trip was filled with little adventures, amazing sight seeing, great food, comfortable hotel stay,  lots of fun and wonderful memories. 

I'll try to cover each of these places in my blog under separate posts. Among the places I visited, I enjoyed Atlanta, Orlando, Charleston and Chicago the most. We experienced all kinds of weather in each state (hot, cold, rainy, pleasant, and thankfully no storms). It was so hot in New York city that we all got literally sun burnt on the hop on - hop off bus. The sunscreen and sunblock was no use in New York city. Nevertheless, we had a fabulous time! 

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