Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Have you noticed young children? They are not worried about the past or the future. Even if they throw tantrums, or they were upset or angry or even if they get a scolding for pushing the buttons, they just forget about everything after a little while. They don't live in the past or worry thinking about tomorrow. They live in the present and enjoy the present. They trust their parents, they know are cared for and loved. Can adults do that? To not let yesterday's failures, troubles and pains haunt and govern our today. And not to fast forward life to the point where we can't live in the present. Can we learn from the experiences of the past so we are enriched and move forward with courage. Storms will always come, we will have to battle them not with fear, but with courage, because we've fought before and in every loss, there always have been some gain, which is probably much more than the losses encountered. Any storm is followed by a calm but a joyful calm filled with miracles. Like children keeping faith in their parents, it's important to keep faith in the blessings of the universe. We are constantly sending out our feelings and desires into the universe.  If we were asked to write down every good thing in our life, every good that happened to us, every good quality we have, every good we've done, every accomplishment big or small we've made, every good person we are blessed with in our life, without shining the lime light on whatever that went wrong, whatever we didn't get, whatever negativity we had to encounter, we have so much to be grateful for in our life.  We are truly capable of  enjoying the present moment, because we don't live in our past and we don't live in future.  It is our present moment that is in our hands, we can do everything positive with our present and experience the joy of living each day.  It is in the present that we have the power to sow our seeds for the future  and we will reap it's abundance not very far from now. 

Photo taken at Souq Mubarakiya


Anonymous said...

Very well written. Enjoyed the article.

KUWEIGHT64 said...

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed.