Monday, 10 February 2014


I got curious about the Fight Fat Exhibition at 360 Mall and decided to pay a visit last Friday. Anyway we had to go to Geant to pick up a few things as well. So I found two reasons to visit 360. Many nutritional centers / diet clinics took part promoting healthy lifestyle and weight control by fighting obesity. I couldn't speak to all them, but the ones I spoke to are:

Dietician Liliane Zaher at International Clinic, Tel : 1886677
The Diet Address, Tel 25716882
Nurtritionist, Boushahri Clinic, Tel : 25622001

They would put you on a healthy diet plan. They collaborate with diet food firms that prepare healthy foods within a certain calorie intake that will help you shed your weight, along with some exercises. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be delivered to you daily for one month. The dietitian would advise and guide you throughout the month on healthy eating, monitor your weight loss, and help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Once you enroll, they will always be available for consultation and any help you reach your weight loss target. They would guide you on what to eat and what to avoid when you would go out dinner or lunch. The most important thing being is your dedication and discipline in only eating what they would prepare for you. The food looks and promises to be delicious, healthy and there will be a variety of nutritious food packages to chose from. If you wish to enroll, the food they offer is definitely not boring. Most of them promise that you could lose anywhere between 4 to 7 kg in a month. After a successful healthy weight loss, you could continue with them to lose more or you could simply continue to follow a healthy diet plan. Some of the clinics have body sculpting machines that will help you tone, get rid of water retention. There were special reduced offers by these clinics for weight lost programs. 

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