Saturday, 15 February 2014


Last week we were at the Mubarakiya Market festival. We had entered the market through the playground area after parking. Children at the playground seem to be busy and having so much fun. And I was busy clicking away with my camera, suddenly I see this aged man with a limp, appear with balloons and children rush towards him. Each of them waited excitedly for their turn to buy those colorful balloons. The balloon man looked between 70 and 75.  May be more! He certainly brought joy to the children.  What struck me is this man is still working at his age without letting the weather, or his physical limitations that he might have with age, come in the way of his business. I often wonder about people and situations who make good photos....There are times when I am tempted to talk to people whose photos I take, but then end up restraining myself...

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