Friday, 17 August 2012


No two friends we have would be alike. In fact, we may not be like any of our friends. That's because each of us is unique, with different thoughts, views and experiences. We meet people and strike a chord, make an emotional and spiritual connection. We feel comfortable in the company of some of the new people we meet and instantly a bond is formed, sometimes the friendship lasts for only a certain period of time in our lives and some friendships last for ever. Some of us have maintained friends from our school or college days who will always be special and important to us. We sometimes make fabulous friends from work or from our neighbourhood. We refer to certain someone as our best friend - a soul mate, someone who is an integral part of our life, someone who know we can totally count on, somehow who understands us totally and does not judge. And this person even loves us during the times we are at our worst or in trouble and guides us when we falter. That can be just one person  few persons we can gladly and confidently consider and call them as 'best friend(s)'.

No one's perfect, not us, not our friends. So there are chances we are postively or negatively influenced by the presence of different friends, of different temperament, views and ideals. It's always best to pick up the positive qualities and learn from that, or even imbibe some of those good qualities to help us in our lives. Once my son told me, in the company of people who are action oriented, - the people who go out and make things happen, motivate the others to do the same, we feel empowered in their company. We draw from each other's positive energies and qualities and feel recharged or replenished and we learn great many things. Haven't you felt this about some people who have a dynamic personality, believers, thinkers, the doers who inspire and touch lives of others in a magnificent way.

Be careful not to draw the negative energy of others and start to whine and complain like them or get short tempered or start looking at life with dissatisfaction or act against your conscience. If your friend is more successful or in a financially better position or owns a bigger house or car, don't let that make you feel less or inferior in anyway. In fact be happy for your friend. You should appreciate  your talents, gifts, blessings and do the best you can. When you think positively and you give your best, you are bound to attract so  much of good.  

Does your friend allow you to be yourself or do you feel overwhelmed, stressed in that person's company? You don't have to put up with it or please someone who makes you feel that way. If a friend calls you only when she or he needs something from you and does not bother about you and has no time for you otherwise, then you should re-consider the need for such a 'friend'. Same goes for friends who are constantly mean, sinister, puts you down or always brags how much better he / she is than you in every way or talks ill behind your back. That person is certainly not your  friend and you can show him or her where the door is. Tolerance should have an expiry date.

Being with your friends should make you feel enriched, give you joy, happiness and sense of belonging. Think of the friends in your life, how would you describe each them in just one word.
1. Amazing
2. Positive
3. Charming
4. Beautiful
5. Kind and Helpful
6. Irritating
7. Whiner
8. Toxic
9. Braggart / Show off
10. Jealous
11. Arrogant
12. Someone you can always count on
13. Great sense of humor / Fun to be with
14. Someone you can turn to for advice or counsel
15. Someone you always have a great time with
16. Is like a brother or sister to you

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