Sunday, 12 August 2012


Food pushers, you come across them everyday. You are on a diet, you're trying your best to eat healthy and avoid all the fats and sugars, but then you are confronted by diet saboteurs and food pushers. They actually mean no harm - it's just that people feel rejected when you refuse food. They could be your friends, family, relatives, colleagues....Watch out - if you don't stand your ground and say No thankyou, you would end up feeling miserable for cheating yourself and breaking the promise you made to yourself about watching your diet. You have to let your family know that you need  their support by not pushing you into eating food you have been avoiding and respect your decisions regarding food choices. And with friends, learn to say 'No' in a nice way where they don't feed offended. State your reasons or pleasantly excuse yourself from having to eat what you are trying to avoid. The only thing you are going to lose by doing that is your weight!

Are you wondering how to say no without offending?

1. I admire your talent in baking, I 've always enjoyed your cake (or whatever is being offered), but I'll have to pass this time.

2. I love meat pies and it looks delicious, but I'll stick to the salad

3. Dessert time - This is hard for me, you know I love this. But I am cutting back on sugar. And that's brought some positive changes to my health and I feel more active. Hey, let the others enjoy.

4. At a buffet with friends or at a party with loads of food - Wow the buffet /food look inviting, but ever since I've cut down on food and my doctor insists he needs to see some result, I've been eating smaller portions - I'll just go for the salad.  I am just so excited about being here with you all.

5. You know I have always enjoyed your cooking, but you know what, I am really trying hard to cut down the calories and lose weight. My doctor/ dietitican has given me a list of foods I shouldn't have at all. I'll just have something light.

6. And the answer to the real pushy ones - Thanks, I'll try some later. And then don't have. Your host would have forgotten by then.

7. When your friends are trying free food samples - No thanks.

8. At your relatives place; when you are forcefully offered some tantalizing high calorie food and told, it's okay to break your diet for one day - Be frank,  I know a bite won't kill me, but I'll go for something light.  I have been watching my diet ever since the doctor has been insistent that I have to lose all the weight. Let the others enjoy. I am so happy about this get together

9. High calorie Appetizers / Chips and dip - I'll pass. I'll go the wonderful dinner you are going to serve.

10. When the host packs left overs or extra foods for you to take home - You are so good to me; I love your food, but I can't have them.  I am trying to improve my diet and I might just get too tempted and sabotage my diet,  if I go back to eating all those things I used to love. Please don't mind.

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