Sunday, 12 August 2012


Pandemonia is a larger-than-life reminder of ourselves, and is an exaggerated mirror of 21st century society and 21st century ideals. ” iD Magazine

"Everytime I attend an event, the 'stars' seem to gravitate towards me. I feel like a magnet" - Pandemonia

Pandemonia Panacea the latex clad post pop up fashion artist is the creation of an anonymous art graduate who emerged in 2008, after graduating from an MA Fine Art course at Chelsea College of Art.  Dressed head-to-toe in latex, the cartoon-style conceptual figure aims to challenge the perception of the ideal woman in the twenty-first century. Each creation and art piece takes months to create, but the impact and reaction which each outfit attracts is phenomenal.  

The unconventional and impractical way that Pandemonia chooses to dress makes you question why she has chosen to live this way. Pandemonia takes inspiration from the superficial world of fame and the celebrity culture that fills our magazines, and when asked what else inspires her style of dress, Pandemonia states; “ For me it's about exclusivity. It's about expressing your self. What you wear is what you are and what you buy into. I'm buying into the modern dream, into fashion and the idea of beauty. I get my ideas from people I see, adverts and things I like in magazines.” It is evident that Pandemonia remains a larger-than life unique portrayal of beauty, and will continue to cause mayhem at fashion events and grace front rows alongside fashion insiders at many catwalks in the future

(Excerpt from
Pandemonia's blog)

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