Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I don't mean the kind of dreams you see at night while you are fast asleep. Here I am talking about real dreams. Those visions you held close to your heart and wanted to see them come true some day. Something you want to do, want to achieve, want to accomplish. How many of those dreams have you made sure came true? If you are still waiting for some of them to come true, what are you doing about it? Have you made a plan or have you embarked on a mission or a journey to make your dream come true?. Have you sought ideas, help, advice or support? Are you working on it sincerely or is it just a dream you see in your mind's eye while you laze around. Do you sometimes feel it's not worth the effort or it would be too much a task, or what's the point or the dream is too far fetched?

Some people love the dream but it's overwhelming or scary to think of the effort or process or length of time it would take to see it come true. What feelings do your nuture when you think of your dreams?. If you want to see your dream come true, you have to have this great desire of wanting it to see it accomplished. Next, you need to do everything necessary to follow the path that will lead you to realize your goals. That includes self motivation, effort and seeking information, assistance, improvising your skills, doing all that it would take and a never give up attitude. Nothing comes easy, you might face set backs, trials and challanges on your path leading to your dream. You don't have to be afraid of all that.  It's all a part of grand human experience. If you look into the lives of people who have realized their dreams, there is a common factor, they were not afraid to cross the hurdles, they were incessant in their endeavours. They accepted challenges. With every small success, they knew they can make it to next stage and the next. If you don't give up, believe in yourself, and keep working on your dream, you will find it very surprising to know that doorways and avenues would open up, circumstances and situations will arise that will turn out favourable to make your dreams come true. Experience the creativity, power and excitement as you follow your dream.

As author Paolo Coelho put it, "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it". Remember, it does not happen all by itself, it depends on the sincerety and depth of your dream and your ceaseless work towards it.