Monday, 20 August 2012


I first watched Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone. Anyone who has seen that movie would have sensed the incredible talent and acting skills she is endowed with. The young actress who recently turned 22 on August , left an unforgettable impression. When my husband suggested we watch Hunger Games, I didnt ask him or check who were the cast. When I began to watch  Hunger Games, and saw Jennifer Lawrence, I was sure, we were going to watch something really good. And yes, 'the girl on fire' gave an astounding performance in the movie. Hunger Games became a super hit with a world wide box office success of 700 million $ . Her base salary for the action role in  in Hunger Games was 500,000 $ dollars. She will be cast in the sequel which will be released in 2013. It was reported that Jennifer Lawrence is offered a 10 million dollar contract,  for her role in the sequel 'Catching Fire'.  

There are two movies of the beautiful actress that will be released this year, one is a thriller called "House at the end of the Street" which is expected to released on September 21. The other one is a comedy-drama called "Silver Linings Playbook," which will be released on Nov. 21. I am looking forward to seeing both.

Apart from her passion for acting, she likes to paint, knit sweaters and scarves, surf, and play the guitar.

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