Thursday, 23 August 2012


It's little children's nature to explore, to play and to have fun wherever they are. When you take them out, it's freedom galore. To keep them safe, or wandering off out of curiosity, or to prevent them from disrupting or damaging goods or dropping stuff at supermarkets or department stores, it's important to explain to them what they can do or cannot do before you take them out and even while you are at the store. As parents, make sure they are around you while you shop and that way you can keep an eye on them.

Two days ago, I was at a supermarket, where I saw two little children had dropped a tall rack of chocolates accidently, while they were running around and playing. The rack fell, all the chocolates got scattered on the floor blocking the way to that section on one side. Anyways, there was no damage done, nothing breakable. The sales attendant was notified and he rearranged the rack and the chocolates. But then, what if the items that fell or likely to fall, when children accidently knock down while they are playing, were things that are easily breakable like glass bottles filled with juice or glass ware or plates!

After the chocolate rack falling incident, the kids didn't stop at that, they were running around all over the place again. What happened to the parents?

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