Thursday, 23 August 2012


 If you are on a weight loss journey, you are doing great, you have a plan, only thing, you have to see to fulfilling the promise you made to yourself on a daily basis. It's like heading for the shower each day, or going to work. You have to do it everyday. If you are having a hard time trying to lose weight, you need to stop and see what are the reasons that prevent you from adopting a healthy lifestyle or improved eating habits. Do you give up easily, because you don't seem to want to lose the additional weight?

When you embark on a weight loss plan and have decided to eat healthy, make it a part of your daily obligation, a responsibility - something you have to do everyday by choosing your foods with awareness, eating light and eating less, avoiding too much of oil, sugar and salt. Sometimes, we want eat like 'everyone else', or we get tempted to go back to old eating patterns, only to feel guilty for sabotaging your own plan. Because truth is, inside us, we know what we truly want, what's good for us and what we ought to be doing about it. But you see, you have the power to choose what you need to eat, no one can take that power away from you. When you are aware of how much is truly in your own hands, you can make a huge difference by sticking to a weight loss plan you have charted out for yourself.  And the results will be miraculous, I promise you.

It's okay to indulge moderately into eating something that you enjoy like icecream or chocolate, or a slice of pizza, just once in a week, but make sure you just have a small portion. But certainly not a 'small' portion of every junk food available to you, then what happens is the 'small' portion only adds up to a huge amount of calories. Losing weight is not impossible if you stick to an intelligent, workable plan. Do you know that 'you are your greatest friend' or 'your own greatest enemy'. Which do you choose to be? And yes, you can certainly can lose weight and do it for yourself, so you can experience optimum health and improved life in every way. You deserve the best!

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