Sunday, 19 August 2012


These photos were taken at the bakery section of a hypermarket
I love baking cakes, I've always loved cakes. My favourites are chocolate cakes and orange cakes and if they are baked at home, gosh they give out this amazing aroma that just lingers on for a long time in the kitchen. I'ts been a long time since I baked a cake. I used to bake a different cake each week and in a few days, they would be over. My husband, myself and daughter - our love for cakes will always remain. But ever since we started to consciously eat healthy, one of the things we had to stay away from was cakes whether baked at home or bought from shops. The reason is they are bursting with sugar and calories and our bodies don't need too much sugar. By now you know sugar is something health experts are asking us to reduce to a bare minimum in our diets. A slice of home made cake can contain 200 to 250 calories and with frosting can go upto 350 to 375 calories. And those rich cakes you get in the bakeries, well a slice can contain 750 calories. Whether you are on a diet, or maintaining your weight, or even if you don't have weight issues, but wish to eat and live healthy, well, you can have a small slice of cake occasionally but make sure it's not a daily, frequent or  integral part of your diet.

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