Sunday, 18 September 2011


As a lot of you would already know, coconut water from 'tender coconut' or 'young coconut' is very refreshing with lots of health benefits.The fresh coconut water from the coconut is always much more beneficial healthwise than processed ones that comes in packets and bottles. Let's look at the health benefits of coconut water.
* quenches thirst
* lowers blood pressure
* helps lose fat
* boosts metabolism
* prevents muscle cramping
* contains electrolytes needed to maintain vital functions in our body
* promotes healthy skin
* It's a natural anti oxidant
* aids in proper digestion

Do you know a lot of actors and actresses across the world drink coconut water for good health and good skin.

We picked up a 'Tender coconut' from Geant Hypermarket. Its priced 350 fils per coconut. There was approximately 250 ml water in it, which was sweet and tasted great. That was not all. There was some tender soft flesh inside, which was quite nice to have. The flesh inside is very soft while the coconut is still young, before it would turn into a hard coconut with thick, white and hard flesh.

Cut the top portion of the tender (young) coconut like this, creating a hole on the top, insert straw and drink or pour it out into a glass and enjoy the water

The soft flesh inside the young coconut

Scoop out the soft flesh with a spoon and eat.

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