Saturday, 24 September 2011


Eco Fashion is a growing with new ideas and trends and two days ago, I had posted pictures of bags and wallets I saw at the Gift Shop of Detroit Institute of Arts in Michigan. Well I came across some more interesting, actually nice looking bags made out of repurposed newspapers, coated with biodegradable cellophane to make the bags and purses water proof by 'Ecoist'. Visit their website for more details. You can even order your own eco fashion bag made from newspaper online.
Visit Ecoist website Here

On thursday when we were walking around in the Salhia Complex, we walk into this shop called 'Mosaic' and to my surprise, I found 3 small purses that was made out of magazine pages, comic book pages and stickers. 'Mosaic' is on Mezzanine 1 (contact 22996435).  Here are the pictures I took of the 3 purses I saw. They are quite simple looking compared to the ones I saw on Ecoist website.

The ones herebelow are  Newspaper collection handbags by ECOIST

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