Monday, 19 September 2011


The Detroit Zoo is a must visit place in Michigan. It has 270 species and over 6,800 animals. The zoo is around 125 acres. There are over 700 varieties of trees, shrubs and flowering plants. The zoo has many areas of interest to a visitor which would leave him in total awe of the experience. The zoo has an Arctic Ring of Life that has polar bears, sea lions and seals. Australian Outback Adventure which houses kangaroos and wallabies. Penguinarium that has lots of penguins. Reptile house with snakes, alligators, crocodiles, lizards and other reptiles. Aviary with free flying birds. A spectacular Butterfly Garden where you can see closely colourful butterflies flitting around and sitting on flowers. A Giraffe House where you can feed the giraffe. The zoo ofcourse has a great variety of animals and there is train ride that takes you around the huge zoo. You would need to go to the zoo in the morning and it would probably take you till early evening to finish touring the entire zoo if you wish to see everything the zoo has to offer. A promise of a wonderful time indeed.


I dont know what bird this is..Let's just call it Bird and the turtle

I am scared of snakes. Are you?

First time I saw a camel with two huge humps. They looked magnificent.

Isn't the deer adorable.

What's shining or glittering in the water is the coins people throw into the water. Perhaps they made a wish and threw the coin(s).

No, not a real dinosaur - LOL

Picnic spot

How majestic, don't you think!

Nice pose huh?

My husband was lucky to capture this beautiful picture of the Lion and Lioness sharing their deep affection on camera!

Guess who - yes, a Gorilla (and he was resting, trying to take an afternoon nap)

What a way to sleep - was the Gorilla trying to amuse the onlookers or this was just his way of trying to rest...I waited for him to stand up and walk ....but no, he just lay there in different poses to our amusement...Well, after all it was his resting time.

My son got us icecream from here.

Guess what's this animal - yes, ant eater. Such a big animal...would consuming ants suffice? Does it eat anything else? I should research and do a blog on ant eaters.

It was just amazing to see these beautiful exotic peacocks walking across to another side. Wow!

Polar bear resting...expected it to be as white as snow..would have been but as a baby.

Seals swimming on the top if you look closely


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