Sunday, 18 September 2011


I have always enjoyed visiting the beaches and waterfront locations in Kuwait and if I could do it every week, that would give me much joy. Somehow, a weekly visit to the beach is not possible in my agenda of things to do. Anyways, I had a great time just being at the beach and waterfront opposite the Kuwait National Assembly. Great time for me meant, just watching the soft waves, listening to the sound of the waves (it's just so soothing and rejuvenating), and the smell of the sea water or beach is just beautiful, don't you think?. Walking on the sand - at times with sandals and at times without and stand by the shore and let the water bathe my feet... , watching little children play in water and run across the sand and its a pleasant sight to see families spending time together sitting on the sand or couples or friends strolling the walkways. Just watching the sea or ocean is definitely relaxing and healing too. I couldn't take too many pictures as my mobile camera does not do much justice in night photography. I forgot to take the digital camera.  Though not too clear, I took a few pics with my mobile.

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