Thursday, 16 February 2012


As a part of Valentine’s Day promotion, Takashimaya a Japanese department store in Tokyo's Shinjuku district teamed up with Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro of Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, Osaka University and installed a lifelike lady android mannequin in their shop display that intrigued and surprised passersby and shoppers with her range of emotions and movements. 

Through a kinect system and face recognition software, the android functions, reacts and moves when people stand in front her. The lady robot nods, yawns, smiles, moves about in her chair and interacts with shoppers. The robot is capable of reflecting over 60 facial expressions in a lifelike natural way! Dr. Ishiguro said that the lady robot clutching a bag and cell phone was arranged in a pose as if waiting for someone.

"Android falls in love? She is waiting for you" reads the writing on her glass box at Takashimaya Department Store in Tokyo's Shinjuku district. The mechanical lady was modeled on a real woman in her twenties. "What is this android feeling when you look at it?" Ishiguro mused. "That's quite fun to imagine." 

Play the video below and be amazed!

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