Sunday, 12 February 2012


Coffee lovers are very particular how their coffee should taste. When you go to a coffee shop and you get served some wonderful tasting coffee, you experience heaven! And most coffee lovers are quite good at making their own heaven, what I mean is making their own great tasting coffee. 

Now there is another way of enjoying coffee - through coffee art. American coffee artist Karen Eland has done some amazing and outstanding work of art using espresso coffee. According to Karen Eland, "Painting with coffee is similar to watercolor, but more delicate; I enjoy coaxing the espresso into gentle shadings and layers until the piece looks like the photo or masterpiece I’m working from. I love the feeling of being in the moment, creating, lost in the painting and having it work. I would like to draw/paint some people who work on coffee farms, capturing their faces and helping coffee consumers connect to the people who work so hard to get the coffee to them".

Karen Eland

The Royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton painted with espresso coffee 

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