Wednesday, 15 February 2012


On Monday, I went for my walk in the Park. I didn't take my camera thinking there would really be nothing interesting to capture. I did carry my mobile phone though. I didn't get enough time, to pull it out take a picture of the orange haired lady. I didnt have enough time to take a picture of the man  riding a tiny children's bicycle on the 5th ring road! In both cases, they moved too fast and disappeared! I kept walking - it was my last round and  I couldn't believe what I saw. I know there are plenty of cats, sparrows and pigeons in the park, but guess what I saw - a huge rabbit! I think it was somebody's pet and they probably dumped this poor thing in the park because they were leaving the country or something. The rabbit wasn't scared at all. It was hungry and looking around for food. Mr. Rabbit was unperturbed when I took his pictures. In fact he stayed still and even posed...or so I would like to believe. 

Hi ! Why do you look surprised? Haven't you seen a rabbit before? May be not so close huh? My owners were leaving the country, so they dumped me in the park.
Isn't there any food around here...I am hungry.
Why are you following me? No one knows I am here, yet! You are attracting attention. If you do that, someone might  catch me. Then, I am dead meat! .
I heard there's plenty of food here. The birds told me that people come here with food  and throw so much away. Do you think the army of cats ate them, leaving none behind?
I might have to stay hungry today. How disappointing! Hey let me pose for you.
I'll clean myself...keep my mind off food for now. This is what they teach in Zen, desire causes you suffering. When there is no food, don't desire for food!
 Back at home with my owner, they fed me whole day long, even when I was stuffed. They never took no for answer when it came to food. They served me all sorts of stuff they ate...not meant for rabbits! 
There is nothing here....I will die of starvation! I am not too good with Zen nor were my Owners. When I am hungry...I need plain and simple as that.
I have to go ...explore mission is to find something to eat .  Survival ...I didn't have to know anything about it...until now that is. 
Goodbye! Hope we meet again...Bring me a carrot, will ya? Make that two..

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