Friday, 17 February 2012


If you have a healthy meal, exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep, and you haven't done any physically exhausting work, yet feed tired...there are several reasons why one could be tired. Let's explore what they could be

Boredom : When you are bored, you end up feeling tired and lethargic. Try to find something interesting to do that will keep boredom at bay. 

Pressure at Work or Home :  Everyone faces some kind of pressure at these places, but when it goes overboard, where the pressure or stress is too much, we end up feeling tired and fatigued. Try not to let events and people get to you; try not to look at small issues through a magnifying lens. Sometimes certain situations are not in your hands and not every day would be a terrible day and things would turn alright. If problems persist, you might have to confront certain issues and find a solution. Don’t let your responsibilities seem like huge mountains you can’t climb. Home is where we go to rest our minds and we feel comforted and rejuvenated in the company of our loved ones; not a place where one should unleash one's fury, frustrations and stress. 

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 : It’s very important that we get sufficient Vitamin B12 that maintains the activity of red blood cells for carrying oxygen in the blood. Lack of this vitamin can make one feel very tired and fatigued. It can also lead to stomach pain or heartburn, lack of balance and memory and cause confusion. Vitamin B12 can be obtained from milk, eggs, meat and fish. 

Depression : A person suffering from depression can also end up feeling tired. There are things you can do to relax and calm your yourself like yoga, meditation, reading a good book, involving in a hobby that keeps you occupied, a holiday, exercise or even some pampering like aroma therapy and body massage. It’s not a cure, but certainly calms the mind. If one is prone to chronic depression and tiredness, it’s best to visit a psychologist who can help you cope and overcome issues.

Inadequate water intake : If you are habituated to drinking less water (a few glasses of water a day), it affects the functioning our our organs and our brain and we end up feeling very tired. Our bodies are made of 75% water and we require 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday for healthy functioning of our body and to facilitate flushing out the waste and toxins 

Diabetes: People suffering from diabetes often feel tired. When the blood sugar goes high, glucose will be discarded from the body through urine. And because of that, the body’s cells are depleted of energy. It’s important to check the blood sugar levels regularly. Follow a healthy diet plan designed for you by your dietician or doctor that helps you to keep your blood sugar under check. Exercise regularly. Stay away from sweets, excess carbohydrates and carbonated drinks. Drinking insufficient water also can make a diabetic quite tired. 

Disease : Listen to your body. If for no reason, you feel tired, visit a doctor and do all the required tests to rule out any illness that might be the reason for tiredness. 

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