Friday, 30 March 2012


Fruit carving is fun and if you've always wanted to learn how carve fruits and display them when you have guests over for lunch or dinner, well this is your chance. Mr. Romano will have two sessions of Fruit carving workshop, one which starts tomorrow, Saturday 31 March, which includes dinner at 7pm. The workshop will be held besides Pizza Hut, 1st Floor,  Maghateer Mall, Farwaniah, from 2pm to 10pm. Mr. Romano will teach how to carve watermelons. What I understood is the participants have to bring their own watermelons. Well, you could enquire with him for more details. And during his next session on Saturday April 7, he would teach how to carve another fruit or vegetable. 

Contact Mr. Romano : 66456109
Fruit carving workshop : Saturday 31 March - Beside Pizza Hut, First Floor, Maghateer Mall, Farwaniya
Charges : 10 KD per person (which includes dinner at 7pm)
Timing : 2pm to 10pm (you could stay the whole time or stay as per your convenience for the classes)

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