Friday, 30 March 2012


I had blogged earlier about the beautiful art exhibition by Philippe Bichon, 'Travel Diaries by a World Sketcher',  organized by the French Institute at Bayt Lothan. Philippe Bichon is an architect who travels around the world, draws and paints landmarks and people in his journal, well, anything that interests him in his open surroundings.  He enjoys interacting with people as he paints. He even encourages people to pen what their thoughts in his travel journal.  Since everything Philippe Bichon paints is on the spot, he can't afford to make far as I understand, I don't think he makes any mistake when he sketches or paints!. He carries with him a little paint box, fine felt tip pens and a brush attached to a pen that holds water, which is so easy for him to use during his travel, for painting. Bichon said he cannot imagine going anywhere or travelling anywhere without his painting set, pens, pencil  and brush. 

Being an art enthusiast, I joined the art workshop conducted by Philippe Bichon on Wednesday 28 March at Bayt Lothan. The workshop started around 4.40pm in an open courtyard with plenty of natural light. We were taught 'how to use perspective in drawing' by Mr. Bichon, on the drawing board. It's not all that difficult when you actually try it out on paper and he was went around correcting and assisting the participants. We probably sat over an an hour sketching a part of the building in the compound where we sat. After the interesting workshop, I went over to Sidra Hall to view Philippe Bichon's exhibition on his works done in Kuwait, Yemen and Iran. His work is beautiful, interesting and inspiring.  

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