Thursday, 29 March 2012


It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor - Cicero

Very soon it's going to be summer. Do you have plans to shape up, get into your summer clothes? Well, even if you are 'in shape', it's still important to exercise. Those of you wishing to shed some weight, don't keep something about it, cut down on the fats and sweets, eat less, eat light, but eat healthy and you've got to exercise.  Plan your exercise regime...walk, jog, yoga, aerobics, cardio...whatever you feel comfortable. You could do 2 days of aerobics, 2 days of yoga, followed by 2 days of walking. Or you could just go walking in the good weather outside or walk on your treadmill at home. Do specific spot exercises to tone problem areas like upper arms, waist, stomach, hip, thighs, legs, so on.  If you suffer from knee or joint pains and have limitations in exercising, walking is the best exercise along with any exercise recommended by your physician or physiotherapist. If you find it boring to exercise alone, ask your friend(s) to join you. Exercise for a week and see how good you feel. Get addicted to exercise!

Walk - 45 (brisk), 1 hour (moderate speed), 1.5 hours (normal speed)
Aerobics - half hour to 45 mts
Swimming - half hour to 45 mts 
Yoga - 45 mts
Jogging - 20 mts to half hour

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