Monday, 26 March 2012


I wish I could share every photograph of flowers I have taken at Ahmadi last Saturday. I saw an amazing garden full of different varieties of flowers in a myriad of colors. The weather was so beautiful, just perfect. It made me realize Spring has arrived. Sad part is spring is pretty short lived here.  In a country, where flowers are not found in plenty, except in the Flower shops, and certain road side landscape, it's fills you up with a sense of joy and awe when you are surrounded by the beauty of flowers.  I was enamoured by the lovely road side landscape with flowers,  that look absolutely lovely when you drive through Ahmadi. To enjoy a different sort of relaxing time away from high rise buildings and mall visits, it's quite rejuvenating to drive around Ahmadi, park your car somewhere, just walk around the beautiful landscaped areas and walkways. There are benches to sit as well.   You should make your visit much before sunset and hang around till the sun sets, so you can enjoy the daylight scene, the flowers, the greenery and as well as enjoy the evening scene and the beautiful lights that come up close to sunset. Here is a photo that I took, which I  really liked. I'll put up rest of the good ones in my upcoming posts. 

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