Thursday, 18 October 2012


Last Saturday I attended an energy healing workshop conducted by Paul Emery called 'Quantum Emotional and Physical Release'. It was held at Six Senses Spa, Hotel Missoni.

Energy healing is a holistic approach to wellness in our daily lives. We are an energy system or rather, each of us is an energy machine. It's believed since ancient times and over the years, scientifically proven that energy travels through the body along the channels called meridians. Each organ in our body has energy associated with it and each organ interacts with particular emotions on a mental and emotional level. Physical pain (unless its medical), emotional stress and trauma, addictions are caused by anxiety, which leads to energy blocks in our body. Energy blocks can affect the immune system as well. Paul will conduct an energy test, identify the block, and clear it with simple techniques, like tapping certain pressure points or regulating the energy flow through hand movements and by helping you breathe correctly. During stress, the brain, heart and nervous system become chaotic and the energy is out of balance. Energy healing and simple breathing will get it into synchronization. Besides helping you rid your addictions, physical pain and emotional stress, weight issues, Paul Emergy would teach you to heal yourself and  others as well.

Energy healing is used for eliminating headaches, migranes, fears and phobias.  One interesting thing Paul Emery mentioned was that perfumes, colognes and washing powder are full of chemicals and they can cause energy blocks or prevent healthy flow of energy and so can some of the foods you eat. Pay attention to how you feel after you've eaten something and you end up feeling tired, or ill or if it alters your mood in a negative way. This can help you identify what's good and not good for you. Constant use of electrical and electronic equipment, mobile phones, computers, television disrupts the body's energy system. Energy healing is also used to help someone perform better in business or sports or those to want to work on their positives to improve their life. To know more about Paul Emergy and energy healing he practises visit his website Here

Paul Emery is a gifted healer and he is a wealth of information. He will be available at Six Senses Spa until October 29, if you wish to avail of the amazing healing techniques and rid your fears, phobias, stress, emotional or physical pain, weight issues or plain just want to improve your life. For an energy healing session with Paul Emery, contact Six Senses Spa for charges and other details.

Six Senses Spa, Hotel Missoni, Salmiah - telephone 2577 0077

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