Friday, 19 October 2012



Larklife is a wrist band that is designed to help you lead a healthier lifestyle where you are in control of your diet, fitness, work productivity and sleep. The technology is designed by Lark Technologies. The wristband connects via bluetooth to i0S based smartphones. Larklife will keep a track of everything you do - how sendentary you are, if you are overworked at your workplace, monitor your diet, tell you how many calories you have burned, your water intake, motivate you to exercise, compare the exercises you do, how much you walked, monitor your sleep quality, how much you need to rest, it will coax you into action everyday and help you build positive habits and behavior patterns to improve your lifestyle, help you manage your energy levels and even tell you your mind condition the next day.  

Larklife costs  US$149.99 for pre-orders. The package contains two wristbands, the core unit, the app and a power cord.

Visit Larklife website for more details and information on the product

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