Saturday, 20 October 2012


I am quite fascinated by stones used in crystal and energy healing and what they can do for us. Couple of months back when I was in Birmingham, UK, I visited the Aston Villa gift shop . They had an interesting variety of healing stones. Pyrite (Fool's Gold) caught my attention. It's not expensive at all. Pyrite used to be known as Fool's Gold for hundreds of years because it looks similar to gold. It is a strong stone that invokes positive thinking, manifestation, energy, vitality and confidence. It has a shiny gold hue and a nice luster. Pyrite is found Peru, Chile, Britain, Spain, Italy and North America.

It is used in crystal and energy healing. It can be kept  in your home, in your pocket or bag, on the desk you work at and worn as jewellery. Let's examine the wonderful benefits of pyrite.

* Place a pyrite stone on your desk at work to attract favourable energy related to your work or business.

* Once you begin using it, pyrite increases your strength and vigor and boosts your energy levels, allowing you to function with ease.

* It will help alleviate tiredness and fatigue, by increasing oxygen supply to the blood, and improves blood circulation.

* Pyrite helps you develop and strengthen your will power as it vibrates to the solar plexus chakra which is the seat of one's 'will power'
* Helps in eliminating bad habits.

* Increases your confidence

* Improves functioning of the lungs.

* Increases your stamina.

* If you have trouble sleeping, place a piece of pyrite under your pillow to induce sleep.

It enhances your assertiveness.

* You will begin to focus on your tasks more efficiently as you begin to feel clearer mentally.

* It helps to overcome inferiority complexes.

* It can enhance creativity and bring in flow of creative and new ideas.


rrenny said...

Thats very interesting! do u know if we could get these stones here in Kuwait?

KUWEIGHT64 said...

The only place I know that sells semi precious stones used in energy healing is the Kuwait Scientific Center Gift Shop. I am not sure if they have pyrite. I have seen a variety of interesting energy healing stones in UK and US. There's one thing you can do, order it online and it will be delivered to you.