Friday, 19 October 2012


If you are trying to lose weight and you are unable to because each time you embark on a healthy diet and exercise regime, you get bored or it's too hard and you give up after a few days, then I want to tell you something.  Think of all those nice things you do for yourself. Have you thought, why do you do all the nice things you do for yourself? Going on a special tour, holding a party, buying yourself jewellery or a new dress, going for a movie, buying a good book, celebrating your birthday, treating yourself to a spa, buying a house, decorating your home, the list can go on if you think. Well, the answer is obvious, because you love and care for yourself - immensely. Why do you feel bad when you are hurt (physically or emotionally), again it's because you love and care for yourself and don't like anything bad happening to you.

So why should you hurt yourself by sticking to past habits, giving into cravings, eating more than your body needs, choosing foods with lots of sugar and fat content that sabotages your diet regime. Love yourself so much that you are would do something very important for your health and your body - losing weight. It can happen when you decide it's the biggest goal of your life. Be true to yourself on your journey of weight loss and the joy of reaching your target weight is not too far away.

If you go to the 'labels' section -  right side on my blog page, and click on weight loss, you find plenty of inspiring weight loss posts, I had shared earlier, that can actually help you lose weight.

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