Friday, 19 October 2012


I came across this t-shirt in one of the shops at Avenues Mall sometime back and thought of writing a post . In a negative sense, 'Nevermind' is something you tell someone, when you don't want to repeat yourself or you are not in a mood to explain. 

On a positive note, 'Nevermind' is a powerful word that can have life altering effects. It's one of the hardest thing to do, to say 'Nevermind' to yourself when things go wrong or things don't work out the way you hoped, or you had a bad day, someone got on your nerves, your friend backed off from his promise or you got caught in traffic and became late for an appointment or to work.

Well there are certain things, which are not in our hands, that's the truth worth accepting. On some days, things can unexpectedly turn - well, terrible. But if you go to think, not all days are like that, right? Whatever happens, it's how you give meaning to that event or what meaning you give to that occurence or experience that actually make you feel what you feel and then you end up reacting on account of those 'feelings' of anger, dejection, irritation, fear, stress, sadness, jealousy  - so on. If we were to just calm down during an incident or occurence and decide thoughtfully what meaning should you really give to what happened, you would not end up reacting erratically or irrationally, in fact, you would not give it a negative meaning . When you keep calm, and be patient, you are able to handle almost all negative situations in a manner that works to your advantage.

Your sanity and peace of mind is what is important. So when things go wrong, say, nevermind...

*  I'll handle this thoughtfully, calmly.
*  I can deal with this in a better way, I am not going to let my emotions get the better of me
* There is nothing I can do about it, these things happen
* This was not in my control, I will think about it and make a decision later
* If I deal with this calmly and intelligently, I can work things to my benefit/favor.
* I don't have to respond or make an immediate choice or decision based on my current emotions of pain, dejection, hurt, anger, frustration.
* I don't have to get upset because of a person's behavior or mannerism.
* I am upset, but I shouldn't say or do anything that's going to aggrevate the situation or make it worse. If I react negatively, things can go against me /wreck an important relationship/ business deal etc.
* If I speak or act when I am furious, I might regret what I said or did and I cannot undo my actions.

Sometimes, how you react irrationally to a small incident can spoil your whole day creating a chain of negative events, because of your state of mind. So, say nevermind, dive inside yourself for wisdom and you will see, that you have the power to face, deal with and overcome difficult and trying situations and people in life. You'll come to realize life is not all that bad after all, because you are in control instead of a 'situation' being in control of you.

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