Friday, 23 November 2012


Finally the long wait is over with everyone wondering how would the Avenues Phase III look like? The Phase III architecture, shops, restaurants and decor of all these look fabulous. We dropped into Grand Avenues (in Phase III) last week and had a great time looking around. There is still lot of work going on and lots of more shops will be opening soon. The Phase III has several parts to it - the Grand Avenue District, Prestige, The Mall, Souk and Soku. They all have their own distinct style of design and architecture. They have a nice looking fountain being construction near 'The Mall'. Grand Avenue district might remind you of UK or Europe. The Avenues is anyway, one of my favourite places to be and I could spend hours there not knowing time fly by. As much as I love being in nature, I enjoy spending leisure time at the Malls. One of the interesting things I have noticed is that, there are lots of health conscious people who come to take a brisk walk in the mall for exercise, as it's so huge an spacious. And then do whatever shopping or looking around they want to do. I used to do that last year, walk around the mall for exercise for one hour and then enjoy looking around in my favourite shops. One of the hardest things to resist would be the beautiful restaurants that has come up in the Grand Avenue District. Here are some photos of Grand Avenue District (Phase III)

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