Friday, 23 November 2012


Now a lot of Cooperative Societies (co-ops), Geant and Sultan Center have a section for Farmer's Market that sells fresh milk, several kinds of cheese (both goat and cow), yoghurt, natural honey, organic fruits and vegetables and lots of other foods. I really like their Halloumi cheese. What I don't like in some types of cheese is the high salt content. Halloumi Cheese from Farmer's Market has less salt content. The other Halloumi I like is from Farmland. If you are a cheese lover, and you like haloumi cheese, try the one made from cow's milk available at all Farmer's market. Oh before I wind up this post, there's one thing, remember, cheese has high calorie content, so restrict the quanity you consume. 80 gms (one serving) of halloumi cheese contain 253 calories, 17 gms of protein and 19.7 gms of fat. I prefer to add halloumi to my salad, which makes it a healthy meal. I usually avoid bread and sandwiches which would add to the calories.

When you buy this, the container would be quite full; I took this photo when my halloumi cheese was almost over

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