Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Every year, for the past few years, it's a must for us to visit Ahmadi to see the spectacular lights adorning the trees, bushes, lamp posts, fences, gates, and all the important buildings. That's not all - there are special structures constructed that are decorated with colorful lights. It's a part of the National and Liberation Day celebrations, which no one should miss. Last evening, we reached Ahmadi around 8pm, parked our car and walked around to see the lights and took lots of photos. It  felt so magical. Every year, they introduce something new and different. This time all the landmark structures of Kuwait such as Kuwait Tower, Liberation Tower, Red Fort, Seif Palace and many others, were created and lit up magnificently. Other artistically created structures lit up beautifully were oysters with pearl, lamp,  mushrooms and flowers. We had an amazing time watching the city of Ahmadi dazzle in colorful lights. It's a must visit place. To avoid being caught in slow moving traffic, its best to visit Ahmadi before the National and Liberation Day. Look for a parking place, park your car and walk around to enjoy the lights. You can't possibly enjoy the magic of lights by a quick drive. 

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