Friday, 22 February 2013


Wrangler's Denim Spa  has introduced a line of  skinny jeans with  "moistuizing and "slimming ingredients". It's reported that proven skincare ingredients rose hip oil, retinol, caffeine and shea butter are integrated directly into the fabric and dried in an oven. These are called "cosmetotextiles". When these skinny jeans are worn, they will make the skin silky smooth and allegedly reduce cellulite. The three different finishes in skinny jeans by Wrangler are infused with one of three ingredients: "Aloe Vera" to soothe sensitive skin, "Olive Extract" to moisturize or "Smooth Legs" with special formula of algae extracts, retinol and caffeine to combat cellulite. 

These moisturizing and anti cellulite ingredients in the jeans are claimed to last for 15 days (four to six washes). Not to worry, spend some more money and reload sprays are also available, which can be sprayed on the jeans to maintain the fabric's potency. The jeans sell for $150 on . Wrangler is said to have road-tested the jeans on 160 women. Apparently after 4 weeks,  69%  of them reported that the "state and appearance" of their thighs had improved. Lizzie Jagger, 28 (Rock star Mick Jagger's daughter), who already has good genes and slim legs modeled the brand for Wrangler's campaign ad. "After a day wearing Denim Spa, my legs feel great. They come out feeling more silky than usual," said Lizzie Jagger in the promotional video.

Dear weight loss aspirants, you can wear slimming outfits, sure it would aid you to look a bit slimmer, it's your choice what clothes you wear, but the absolute truth is you still have to make that lifestyle change, eat less, eat healthy and exercise to lose weight which will also help you get a healthy radiant skin. Personally I enjoy splashing a beautifully fragrant moisturizing body lotion on after a shower. 

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