Sunday, 17 February 2013


Small children would be rather be doing something fun than attend a musical concert, or a movie or a theatrical play, where they get bored and start kicking the seats in front or them, or wailing or screaming and disturbing the people around, while sometimes parents are oblivious at the extreme inconvenience the child is causing to others. How people react in this situation, fall in two categories. 'I am getting disturbed, but I'll put up with it and they silently suffer' or 'I am getting disturbed, I am not going to put up with it and they speak up'. The victims are lucky if the parents'  response is sensitive and they quieten or console the child making sure the child won't cause any more distraction. Worst is when person who is being disturbed point out his inconvenience, and the parents turn rude or  pretend they can't figure what's wrong  or it's like, 'what's the big deal' and do nothing about it. 

Parents with little children should be sensitive enough to understand not to put the child in such situations and cause an ordeal to others. The child is too small to understand, but the parents are adult enough to understand. How can the people the child is disturbing enjoy the event they are attending?. It's just not fair. Remember, people attend concerts, theatrical shows, or go to the movies to have a good time. It's entertainment. They don't have to put up with your children's tantrums. That's is not people's idea of entertainment. 

You see, it's simple, children would rather do things that are fun for them. They would probably appreciate and enjoy certain things you enjoy once they are grown. By then, they would also know its not right to disturb others. Family time or fun time for children is not attending concerts, sitting still in a theater or restaurant.  You know what little children would really like?

* Running and playing in parks
* Going on rides, swing, slide at children's parks
* Being outdoors at the beach and playing with sand and water
* Being with other kids their age and playing indoor or outdoors
* Special places where they have fun activities for small children
* Be creative. Think of the fun things that you all can do together that will make the child happy.

Try to leave little children in the care of your parents, close relatives, friends or a baby sitter, for a short while, if you want to attend events children would find boring and cause disturbance to others. Or if you don't have an alternative, please wait patiently until they are a little more grown to enjoy doing such events with your children. It's every young parent's responsibility to ensure as much as possible that other people are not disturbed or troubled in any way by their children. It just takes little bit of sensitivity and concern for fellow beings. 

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