Thursday, 21 February 2013


Last evening we attended the art exhibition by Shabnam Hussain at  Boushahri Art Gallery. The beauty of her paintings lie in the visually charming effect of themes and amazing blend of colors.  The paintings enriched with Indian heritage, speak of  love shared, happiness, living in harmony with nature,  past times,  leisure, and the way of life through village scenes. Shabnam has tastefully designed her paintings with varied landscape, river,  beautiful plants, trees, birds, animals, and different every day objects. The male and female figures in her painting portray joy and optimism, where the viewer is intuitively reminded that love is the basis of human existence.  Shabnam's paintings are exuberant in  soulful messages of dreams, aspirations, love, inner beauty, peace and happiness.

The painting exhibition will continue till Thursday February 28.  Whether you are an art enthusiast or not,  do visit Boushahri Art Gallery and you will certainly enjoy Shabnam Hussain's art exhibition. 

Location - Boushahri Art Gallery, Salmiah
Exhibition date - Until Thursday 28 February 2013
Time : 10 am to 1pm; 5pm to 9pm (closed on Friday and Thursday afternoons)
Tel : 25621119

Here are some photos of Shabnam Hussain's  paintings

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