Sunday, 8 May 2011


Non verbal communication or body language hold a lot of clues about the person. No matter what a person is saying, his appearance, his posture, positioning of his body relative to other people, movement of his body, facial expression, hand gestures, voice pitch, voice tone, speed of speaking, his dispostion, give out a lot of information about the person. That is why in the presence of some people, you feel so comfortable and in the company of some people, you feel a sense of discomfort or a lack of trust towards what the person is saying or sometimes even a sense of repulsion for unexplained reasons.  People with a positive body language make a great impression and get the attention of people and carry off meetings and presentations well compared to people with aggressive or opposingly passive body language. 

Sometimes a message can be conveyed by a stare or a gentle or compassionate look, or a loving glance. While we watch our words, let's observe our own body language. What are we conveying? What message do we give out? What would you like to change about your body language? And from now close attention to the cues others give out through their body langauge. At Virgin Mega Stores in Marina Mall, Salmiah, I came across this book 'Body Language Bible' by Judi James, UK's leading body language and behavioural expert.

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