Thursday, 12 May 2011


Accomplishment of worthwhile and difficult goals does not come by accident. It's the result of a dream, careful planning and putting in the effort necessary everyday to make it come true. When you decide upon something, you have to make a committment to yourself and be true to yourself.

I have been on a low calorie diet since February 25, 2011 and I have been conciously making the right choices when it comes to food and I have managed to lose 7 kg so far and also experience the goodness of healthy eating and improved health. I need to lose another 5 kg. Though I have managed to stick to my diet, I wish I had same dedication towards exercising. I can give a whole lot of excuses which would seem lame for not exercising regularly. But that really won't make sense and it's like road block on my journey of weight loss. No matter how busy you are, you have to find time, and honestly you will find time to do what is important. Can I find the time for that, without procrastination?

I have decided to commit ONE WEEK of my life from today to exercise daily, without excuses. If I manage to do that, I know I can continue to make it an integral part of my daily routine. Those of you trying to lose weight, if you hit upon any road block or issues, put your thinking cap on...what's stopping you? Be true and sincere to your dreams, make weight loss a reality. Make a COMMITTMENT to yourself and follow it through.

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