Tuesday, 10 May 2011


What you chose to eat in a day, has direct impact on your energy levels, clarity in thinking and total functioning of the body. When you have a meal laden with fat and sugar, or if you overeat, you are bound to experience sluggishness, a drop in energy levels, clouded mind and desire to take nap or just rest, after the initial ecstacy of relishing all that food in your plate. Your body refuses to be alert and attentive. All of us would like to feel energized, alert and productive after a meal, certainly not sleepy or tired, right?. Now that's comes only from having healthy food that not only satisfies hunger, but also will give you the right nourishment to keep your body functioning at it's best. No matter how good a certain meal tastes, never overeat. Now matter how tempting all that high calorie attractive looking food appears, exercise restraint and you will thank your better judgement. At the end of a meal, leave some space in your stomach, so when you get up, you can breathe and move around comfortably than regret how stuffed you feel.

How you feel after a meal is the result of what you eat.

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