Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Further to my earlier blog two days ago, on the 'Japanese Music Project in Collaboration with Arabic Traditional Music Oud', there is some good news for those who couldn't make it yesterday to Al Maidan Cultural Centre to watch this wonderful programme. Well, the Japanese Embassy is holding the event in cooperation with DAI (Dal Al Athar Al Islamiyyah)  TODAY as well.
Date : Wednesday, 11th  May 
Time : 7pm
Venue : Al Maidan Cultural Center, Abdullah Salem School, Near Al Shaab Park. Map is given at the bottom of the blog. 
Contact :  DAI office at 25636561 or 25636528 (9am to 5pm) to check and confirm about the event
Shonosuke Okura on the traditional Japanese drum 'Otsuzumi'

Yuji Tsunemi on the Arabic music instrument 'Oud'

My husband and I attended this wonderful event yesterday evening and we were delighted to experience the traditional music of Japan along with the Arabic musical instrument Oud. During the first part of the musical presentation, Shonosuke Okura plays the Japanese traditional percussion instrument, 'The big hand drum -  Otsuzumi'.  He hits the drum with his palms which is considered the most difficult way.  Yuji Tsunemi plays the Arabic musical instrument Oud with passion, mastery and ease. He is one of the few Oud players in Japan. Makoto Ohno plays the flute. The second part of the event was quite a treat by the Japanese Women's Drum group 'HIMIKO' which was an 'all ladies' vibrant drum performance and theatrical presentation of 'lions' which is quite cheerful and lively. So do attend and experience the rich traditions and culture of Japan through their unique musical presenation. The audience was strictly prohibited from taking any pictures during the performance. But after the event, we could take pictures. Here are some of  'after the event', pics!

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ziadr said...

Nice write up. You are right, the event was a treat and we are so lucky to have these musicians here and for free!
Ziad R