Friday, 16 September 2011


When I visited the Burlington Coat Factory in Detroit, I noticed this 'ad' at the entrance of their outlet saying 'Now Hiring Smiling Faces'. As a customer, when you go to a shop to buy whatever it is....don't you feel happy when the sales attendant has a smile on the face when you need some assitance or guidance with what you came looking fo, instead of a grumpy face with an unhelpful, disinterested attitude. I believe in customer service...and it's because of customers that retail businesses make their sales and profits, which brings to my point that, it's important that retail businesses, restaurants etc. have caring, courteous staff who are polite and helpful to customers and ofcourse, a smiling face can actually get a customer interested in buying and even return again and recommend the outlet to family and friends. Right? Treating customers right....people right rather, has a huge positive impact.

Burlington Coat Factory has a huge collection of nice coats and jackets of affordable prices, besides garments, footwear, artificial jewellery, household items, decorative items, bags, lots of stuff. If you are shopping in Detroit, Burlington coat factory is a place you should visit.  Value for your money!

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