Wednesday, 14 September 2011


What is really a Drama Queen?

For certain people, life's setbacks can trigger irrational and  explosive emotional outbursts. 'Drama Queen' or 'Drama King' is a reference to someone with a demanding or overbearing personality who tends to overreact to minor incidents, sometimes quite purposely as they do enjoy this sort of eccentric behaviour and they are quite certain to get away with it. Drama Queens and Kings are big storytellers too, whose tall tales can be...well, exaggerating. When a Drama Queen or King starts a conversation, its only one sided, where they expect everyone to listen to them talk uniterrupted!

Strangely, though, they can be quite normal and their personality under control amidst people they can't act this way with. Does this post remind you of someone?..How would you deal with a Drama Queen or King?

1) By staying away
2) Ignore them
3) Tolerate silently because he or she happens to be ..umm.. an integral part of your life (parent, spouse, child or best friend)
4) Drama Queen, King? Oh I don't let such people bother me...just accept people as they are.

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