Monday, 12 September 2011


These photos were taken at Heathrow airport, London,  while we were waiting for our flight to Chicago, U.S.A, end of August.
They are just some random pics taken from my mobile. I just loved the beautiful mugs and hand bags at Harrods outlet at the airport. And what I like about Heathrow is there is not a dull boring moment if you are a transit passenger. The airport premises are so big including the shopping area. It's wonderful to walk around, get some exercise after the long journey, get in the beautiful stores, probably pick up some gifts and mementos or just enjoy being part the large crowd at the airport.

I am so excited as I have so much to share with you and plenty of pictures,  which I shall be putting up on daily basis. One of the toughest things while being on a vacation is staying away from all the wonderful food. Well, I did resort to some sort of a balancing act while it came to food. I am glad I got plenty of exercise, just walking for hours while I was sightseeing in both U.S. and UK. I am so excited as I have so much to share with you.....

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