Wednesday, 14 September 2011


On 22nd August, we flew from Kuwait to Heathrow (London), then boarded our connecting flight to Chicago after a short period in transit at Heathrow. Chicago being our port of entry, we had to fill in the customs declaration form and the I-20 form, being a vistior in the U.S. The I-20 form will be stapled next to your U.S. visit visa page in your passport and when you return to your country after your visit, the customs or airlines authority will remove it and keep it as a proof you leaving the U.S.. Whenever you travel to U.S., be sure you fill both the forms (usually handed over to you by the flight crew) or fill the forms as soon as you arrive at the port of entry in U.S. The completed forms will be inspected by Customs/Immigration Officer, along with your passport and you would be asked a few general questions.  You might even have to identify your baggage and might even have to open it, if asked before it is sent to your connecting flight. Well, rules can always change, but its absolutely important, to update yourself and be aware of all the custom rules related to your travel and baggage, prior to your travel. U.S. airport /customs requires passengers to keep their baggage closed but unlocked, so in case they need to inspect, its easy for them to do so. Nothing to worry...they are just security rules travellers are required to follow.

We had to sort of hurry up at Chicago airport and we had a connecting flight to Detroit in a short gap. We reached Detroit and the airport procedures got over quick. My husband had rented car from ALAMO Car rentals near the Detroit airport. We were taken to their offices from the airport; ALAMO's procedures were quick and services excellent. We were asked to choose a car and then we drove to our son's University accomodation premises. It was past midnight. Our son was waiting outside the building for us. The most beautiful memory of my son's happiness on seeing us is still fresh in my mind.  It was lovely reunion after one year.

Alamo Car Rental in Detroit, near airport

A huge selection of cars for customers to choose from (Alamo)

I just loved these assortment of fresh fruits my husband picked up
A huge area with beautiful sunflowers while driving to Dearborn, Detroit

Ford Company office

Macy's at Fairlane Town Center, Detroit

Inside the Mall at Fairland Town Center

Fairlane Town Center had beautiful landscape outside the different shopping outlets

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