Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I tried really hard to stick to a healthy diet, enjoy a variety of healthy food and stayed away from dinner to stick to my weight. I could not imagine putting on weight after all the effort I had put into my weight loss regime last several months. I came back from vacation, weighed myself and to my relief, I am still 68 kg, exactly what I was before I travelled. Phew!

Anyways, I need to motivate myself and everyone who wishes to lose weight that visits my blog, to continue  the journey of weight loss ...Sounds boring?...I know...how you feel...but then what's more important than our health?...It is with our body, we experience the world around us. If we are unhealthy and overweight, we can't get the maximum out of life. Morever, being overweight is an open doorway to illnessess.

I was reading about Jennifer Hudson...remember her?...the former American idol contestant and also she won the Academy award for Best Supporting Actress in 2007 for her role in Dream Girls. The 29 year old lost 80 pounds by following the Weight Watchers diet plan and now weighs around 170 pounds! She is now the ambassador for Weight Watchers. Now that's an amazing feat, don't you think? She does not give fried foods or sweets to her little son. She believes in giving her son healthy food. 
'It was like lightning. 'Wow. It really worked - it gave me control. 'This is the new me,' Hudson says. 'I now think of myself as a supermodel...

After reading about Jennifer Hudson, I was just thinking...the several kilos I need to lose should be a piece of cake then! LOL...wish it was that easy...I am not giving up....My dieting or rather eating right and healthy continues...and I just have to motivate myself to exercise. It's no use just dieitng, we need to burn the excess weight through expending energy - and exercise is the only way.
All of you out there aspiring to lose some weight, do join me in this journey...we can make it interesting.

Jennifer Hudson, Before and after

Before her weight loss

Another before and after pic of Jennifer Hudson

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