Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Every year in Ivrea, northern Italy, a festival called 'Battaglia delle Arance' or 'Battle of Oranges' is held, where getting hit by oranges in the face is unavoidable if one would sign up to join it. This time it was held from 19 to 21 February 2012. The festival involves teams hurling oranges at each other, including horse drawn carriages from where participants throw oranges; in fact it's the largest 'food fight' in Italy. 'Ouch...that would hurt wouldn't it, especially when many oranges come flying at you'. Well, that's why people wear helmets and protective clothing to not get hurt. But then again, its not always so that people would be dressed to protect. About 165 people were reported to be injured in the battle of oranges festival. 

Around 35,000 persons were throwing oranges at each other, using more than 400 tons of oranges in the festival of fun and pain! People who wanted to have fun watching and not get pelted with oranges wore a red hat, which identified them as spectators, although fun loving spectators are known to have been struck with stray flying oranges. The festival has it's origins that date back to the 12th Century, celebrating the town’s defiance against an evil ruling tyrant Raineri di Biandrate, who was eventually killed by a local miller’s daughter. During the festival, various regional speciaility food and delicacies are served on the streets. 


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