Saturday, 10 March 2012


A purple squirrel was spotted by Percy Emert and his wife Connie of  Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. They lured it into a trap using some peanuts. Everyone just like them wondered why the squirrel is purple? Purple squirrel made world wide news and there is even a Facebook page dedicated to the squirrel with 9,160 likes! Last Tuesday, the squirrel was let free. It certainly didn't like to be in cage and neither did the Emerts want that. 

There are some interesting theories however as to how or why Purple Squirrel's fur is purple

* Product introduced into the it's nesting material that imparted the color to the fur
* Accidental immersion or contact with dye/colour compound
* Colour on the fur is not even, so it could be the natural color
* The squirrel possibly has too much bromide in it's system that gave rise to this color
* It could be a genetic foul-up.

Nothing has been proved or established why or how the squirrel turned out to be purple. It remains a mystery.

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