Monday, 5 March 2012


Do you know in Japan, there are a mind blogging 100 different varieties of Kit Kat flavors. Apparently only 20 types are available in the market at a time and a lot of them supposedly taste awesome. Kit Kat is 'Kitto Katso' in Japanese which means, 'Surely Win', an encouraging good luck message. Because of this, Kit Kat is a very popular good luck gift especially among students. They also have Kit Kat bars inscribed with good luck messages which come out into the market during university exams and entrance exams! It amused me as much as it surprised me when I came to  know of the huge variety of Kit Kat flavors available in Japan. And here? We just have 4 varieties of Kit Kat , the regular milk chocolate, the orange infused chocolate Kit Kat, the dark chocolate Kit Kat and the chunky Kit Kat. 

Okay now for some pictures I got from various Kit Kat links. 

Kit Kat with encouraging messages 

Adult Kit Kat (maybe a strong flavor and nothing else!)


Baked sweet potato

Bitter strawberry


Cafe au lait

Caramel Pudding


Cola and lemon squash

Cookies and Cream

Green Tea

Mixed Juice

Pumpkin cheesecake

Roasted Tea

Royal Milk Tea

Salt and Caramel


Strawberry Cake

The different flavors

Blood orange

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