Monday, 5 March 2012


During my recent visit to a hypermarket, I noticed these bird cages, all decorated with ribbons, artificial flowers, leaves and pearls to look attractive. I asked the saleslady, 'Are these really bird cages or some decorative piece for home? And she went, 'These are really bird cages, it's very popular among women and children'. We have so many customers buying them!'. Now, would a bird kept in such a cage know how beautiful the cage looks? If a bird could speak it's mind, it would protest against being caged for someone's entertainment or kept as pet owner's property. Freedom of movement and expression is one of the gifts we are naturally born with - and the same goes for birds and animals. Birds are not meant to be kept in cages, where it's freedom is restricted and it's natural way of living ceases for ever. At least huge aviaries and bird sanctuaries would have space for them to fly about. We wouldn't like to be kept in cages would we? I think an artificial bird would go perfect inside this cage, or even a small plant!

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